Daily 5: Read to Someone

Sharing Kindergarten is hosting the "Read to Someone" part. Mary has a great resouce for Reading to Someone!! Click below to go there.

1. Why should students be reading to someone? They can help each other in many ways. It happens naturally at centers. My students read our poetry and student of day charts together. They also act out songs or short stories. I have them read in partners after reading groups. Sometimes they choose to read to self, and then they begin to share what they notice in books. As long as they are reading, listening to reading, working with words, or writing, I feel that they are on task. 

Also, outside of our reading block, we meet with our big buddies once a week to read with them. This is a great experience for both groups.
2. How can your students EEKK? I have not emphasized this particular structure. I've had my students practice facing knee to knee. Sharing Kindergarten has a fabulous cute poster that I will implement with my kinders this year. I will use it as a way to read with a partner, but still accept other ways as well. I do like to change it up with different chairs and pillow pets, too.

3. How can your students read to someone and how can you need to model these ways with your students? Sometimes, I have my students read to someone, but it's not always human. My students have read to the class pet (I've had gerbils, hermit crabs, bunny, and fish). When we hatch eggs, they love to read to the little chicks. Now, it is not the same benefits of reading to someone human. However, it does motivate my children to get reading! Now for reading to humans, I will be using Mary's Read to Someone posters.
4. What is the one thing you have done with partner reading that ensures the success of your students? Since I don't follow Daily 5's exact prescription, I think my success with partner reading is using variety- different people, different settings (inside or outside), and different props (finger pointers or pillows).

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