In Pictures and In Words: Chapter 10 Tone

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Yesterday, I received an order of books that I have been wanting. Chapter 10 is all about tone. I wonder if my books will have any pages showing tone?

During the second week of school, we have a kindergarten gingerbread hunt. I thought this book would make a great addition to my collection of gingerbread books.

Technique #32 deals with color choices impacting the tone of the book. This story includes a muted color schema. In addition, the pictures are outlined in black lines, making the muted colors stand out. Technique #35 involves noticing the size of objects in a picture impacts tone. In the picture below, the children are reaching high up to stir the dough in the bowl.

While learning about colors, I plan to use Pete the Cat books. I couldn't resist this book in his hardcover form. (I usually try to buy paperback, as hardcover takes up more space!)

Technique #34 involves background color impacting the tone of a picture. James Dean uses vibrant colorful backgrounds. Technique #37 notices pictures with sharp, pointed lines, edges, and angles have a different tone than pictures with softer, more rounded lines and edges. Technique #39 involves using whimsical detail to lighten the tone in illustrations.

I have enjoyed Ellison the Elephant for the past few years that I thought I would invest in another book by Eric Drachman.

Technique #33 involves shifting tone by shifting color. Little frog wants to fly, and his parents tell him that is not a frog thing, but a bird thing. Before this page, the background colors were soft and sunny. On this page, it is purple to match his mood, tired and discouraged. Technique #34 notices background color may impact the tone of the picture. Technique #37 involves noticing pictures drawn with sharp, pointed lines, edges, and angles evoke a different response than pictures drawn with softer, more rounded lines and edges.

Besides adoring owls, I also love turtles. So, I have had this book on my wish list for years. It is a fantastic nonfiction book with beautiful illustrations.

Technique #34, 35, and 36 are tone noticing techiques that I would use with this particular book. Look how little he looks in the vast depths of the ocean.

It's amazing how easy it is to find illustrative techniques in picture books. Just pick up a book and look at its details to find tone!

The last book has nothing to do with the tone techniques, but I am EXCITED to delve into it, as I want to become better with teaching small groups during math time.

I think I will be off to stalk the Guided Math book blog studies. Have a super weekend!


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