Mimio Monday: Starfall ABC

At the beginning of the school year, I like to start up my computer center on the first days of school. In order to do that, I use Starfall, since it is easy enough for my kinderkids to use. At my TPT store, I have a Starfall ABC book for free there. My students use this book to keep track of the letters they learn about on Starfall. Click on the picture to go to my TPT store to get it for free.

Before my students can do this book independently, I need to model the steps. I can do this through an interactive whiteboard program. I use Mimio software. Click on the Starfall ABCs cover to get it for free at google docs.

 The first lesson I show my students is how to get to Starfall.com. I usually make it the home page for the beginning of the school year. Then we review what our job is. We do the first letter together. It may be one that I let the students choose or review a letter we have just learned about the day before.

 After interacting with the Starfall program with one letter, then we look in our Starfall ABC books to find the letter. On the whiteboard, I will have my students demonstrate how to draw the letters and draw 2 pictures that start with that letter sound. Then we will use kid spelling to label.

 Afterwards, we go to our ABC chart to color the letter we just completed.

I will repeat this lesson a couple more times during the first 2 weeks of school. That way my students will know what to do when they are at the computer center.

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  1. Hey there:) Love this! Thanks for sharing. I always start out the year with Starfall too.


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