Do You Bee Bot?

We do! This is the first school year that my county has initiated coding in kindergarten. My kinders and I are having fun with it! They are completely engaged and excited about learning with our bee bots. After a few lessons about coding, directional words, and algorithms, they were ready to work in small groups.

First, before splitting them into groups, we discussed how we could synergize and communicate with our teams. Each child was given a job: Coder, Card Handler, Algorithm Reader, Beebot Programmer, and Supervisor. The job cards were made into necklaces so that each child remembered his job.
Supervisor: decides where Beebot goes and makes sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to
Coder: creates algorithm for Beebot to get to the specified area
Card Handler: puts directions cards down for the algorithm created by the coder
Algorithm Reader: read the algorithm to the programmer
Beebot Programmer: push buttons on Beebot and make sure Beebot stays safe

They switched jobs after a round of trying to get Beebot to the specified area. This way, each child got a turn at all the jobs.

In math, my kindergartners used Beebots to describe and identify shapes.

 During our literacy block, some groups reviewed letters and sounds.

 Another group worked on reviewing sight words.

Yesterday, we used retelling pictures on the mat to help retell a story using Beebot. It is so easy to use whatever cards I have and place them under the transparent cover to teach whatever skill I need to. Where has Beebot been all my teaching career??

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