Mimio Monday: More or Less

In the upcoming school year, I am determined to create more interactive lessons with my students using Mimio software. I love how easy Mimio software is to use. It opens up many different types of files (but not the Now board) including PDF files, PPTs, JPEGs, Smartboard and Promethean files. So if you have interactive software, yours may be able to open up Mimio's ink files. If not, you can download their free software at their site. Last year, that is what I used. I didn't have an interactive whiteboard in my classroom, but I had access through our computer lab and a kindergarten co-worker. So now, I do have access to all components since we use Mimio interactive software at our school site. Click on Mimio below to visit Mimio and try out their free software. (I am not a sponsor of or paid by Mimio to advertise! It is what my school uses for interactive whiteboards.)

Last year, when my class began to expand rapidly, I had to think about a different way to teach calendar. I happened upon A Teacher's Touch. She has great Smartboard calendar ideas on her site. Since then, I have created my own with a mix of ideas from different people. I cannot share it as it has graphics and calendar parts from Kim Adsit and Shari Sloane's calendar that are copyright protected. I like the idea of my students having their own calendar notebook. We do calendar whole group, and in January, I will start adding their own calendar notebooks.

Instead, I have created a More or Less ink file (Mimio interactive software). One of the Common Core math standards that I'll be teaching in the first six weeks of school is CC.K.6- Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group. I embedded a flash game into the file as well! That way, I do not have to rely on the internet connection. I will introduce this lesson after I have gone over the numerals 1-5. Click on any of the previews to download and use.

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