I think little furry squirrels are just the cutest! I am using squirrel books to help my students learn more about the season of fall. One of my favorite squirrel songs is on an old tape. I haven't been able to find it the past few years when searching for a digital version. I was absolutely thrilled to find one online for FREE! I found it on NAEYC's song and activities list. Scroll down to The Furry Squirrel Song. I use it for a fun morning meeting song as we do silly actions with it.
My students observed squirrels on youtube videos. This one is great.

They kept track of their observations in their squirrel journals.

Squirrels play. Squirrels climb trees.
 They also added notes from what they learned from books read in class.

Some people eat squirrels. Squirrels can be red.

Here are the covers to their journals.

In math, we worked in groups of threes or twos to make ten with an assortment of brown cubes. Typically I use real nuts to sort, count, and use as manipulatives, but I have one peanut/tree nut allergy. No nuts this year!

Previous years, I have made number lines and my students show the amounts using peanuts.

Before the Thanksgiving holidays, after reading The Squirrels' Thanksgiving, my students wrote text-to-self connections.

I have just completed my Furry Furry Squirrels unit. It is on sale now. You can check it out by visiting my TPT store: just click the first picture below.

Click above picture to get a Fantasy/Real Quiz-Quiz-Trade activity for FREE.
I am excited about getting my shop on for tomorrow's TPT sale!

Thank you Krista Wallden for sharing this sale button!

I am adding a couple of the Teachers Helping Tornado Victims into my shopping cart. Looks like lots of great units for a great cause. What will you be adding to your TPT shopping cart?


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