Another Monday Made It!

Summer flies by too quickly! Last week, I spent time with my family visiting from out of town. This week, I am at workshops and pre-planning. I will meet my new students next week!

For My 1st Monday Made It: I usually like to make something for my team for the first day of school. I wanted to make a first day survival kit for them. My friend Tina and I made pencils out of Pringles cans. They are not quite done, but I think they turned out so cute! I filled them up with all sorts of goodies. I still need to add the tags, but that will be later! I will be making one for myself as a box top collector.

Pinterest Inspired Craft

My 2nd Monday Made It project is for my littles when they come to Meet the Teacher night. Typically I make homemade cookies, but just didn't feel like baking and icing the cookies this summer. I found some adorable owl pops on Sue's The Very Busy Kindergarten. I had to make my own! These were definitely easier and timely! 

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