Reading Street Organization

I think another month has gone by... and I am finally getting to this post. This summer, I have thought about different ideas to share, but honestly, this summer, my main focus is on rejuvenating and relaxing.

 I have been in my new classroom, cleaning and organizing to make room for all of my stuff. My "stuff" filled up 9 vehicles. 7 to school and 2 to home. My new classroom already has stuff in it left over from the previous owner- a retired teacher. So, I spent 2 days to sort through things to figure out what to keep, save for other team members, and throw out. Last year, my district adopted the Reading Street series. The Kindergarten Reading Street boxes are humongous and bulky, taking up valuable classroom real estate. I kept going into the different boxes to get the different books for each week or unit. These boxes are colorful, but technically not ideal for storage. This year, I decided to get rid of those boxes...

So, I used some plastic tubs to combine all the unit books together. Here's a picture of what I did...

I made some Reading Street labels for the plastic bins. I added them onto this picture to see what they would look like. :0)
Earlier this year, I made some Reading Street mailing labels to use on file folders. When I came across an activity or idea I wanted to remember for a particular Reading Street unit, I could add it to the folder. Before this past year, I had always kept my stuff in thematic tubs. Now, I do a combination of skills and themes. I am also sharing my mailing labels for the Reading Street weekly units. These mailing labels use Hello Literacy fonts: Hello Basic & Hello Firstie. So if you do not have them, they may look funny on the mailing label. (Hello Literacy fonts are free on her blog.)

The mailing labels (size: Avery 8160) were made on Microsoft Word.

Click the picture above to get the plastic bin labels in a pdf format.

Click the above picture to get the editable labels.

I think having the Reading Street's student books organized this way will make it easier for me to get to them when needed. Now that I have that organized, I wonder what I will conquer next in my new room?

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