Valentine's 5 for Friday

It has been a fun week of learning about penguins and getting in the Valentine's spirit! Here are my top 5 of the week.


I asked our cafeteria ladies to save some large cans for me so my kinderkids could make some penguin tins for their Valentine's containers.
I used my Papertrey Ink stamps and crafting supplies to make some Valentine covers for lollipops.
These yummy homemade sweets made by my room mom made our day more festive!
In the afternoon, my Valentine, Mr. Brinn, came to help out with our Valentine Math Centers. He helped my kinderkids measure with nonstandard measurement with these Valentine Cards we made for our families. This one shows the outside, before Happy Heart Day was written on the outside arms.

On the inside, we used Kim Adsit's activity to measure the arm span in nonstandard units: pennies, cubes, paperclips, and hearts.
Here is another math activity we did. It is an old one using candy hearts for addition. We also practiced subtraction using hearts with my freebie offered on TPT.

 I hope you had a happy Valentines. Enjoy the 3 day weekend!


Currently February

February is here? What happened to January? December? I have enjoyed my winter break with my family and friends, that I have completely neglected any blogging. Since it is the first second day of February, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to join in on Currently.

I am not a huge tv watcher, but I do love me some Bachelor episodes. This season is going a bit slow... less drama. Less so than the previous seasons.

I am celebrating the lunar new year with my family. I shared my experiences with my kinderkids on Friday.  They loved eating with chopsticks.

This Thursday, I will have my formal observation. I need to prep for it by cleaning up some of my clutter. It is amazing how fast things pile up. Hence the reason, I need a maid!

It has been a cold and damp week here in Florida. Hopefully it will soon be sunshiney... and still cool. I am not ready for summer weather. That is what happens here though. One day it's 50F and the next day it's in the 80s!

I either need a teacher work day every Monday or get a maid/secretary to help me out.

During winter break, I discovered Sims Freeplay, and am having fun creating homes for my Sims to live in. I am craving some Indian food right now. After Thai and Vietnamese, I love Indian food. I have yet to go to Africa. I have been to 5/7 continents. An African safari is on my bucket list.

Happy New Lunar Year!

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