Monday Made It

Have you seen this great organizational post by Mrs. Sheehan from Learning in Wonderland? She organized her teacher pay teacher files into a binder. Well this reminded me of my book inventory binder that needs sprucing up. I created this binder a long while ago when I found myself buying books over again, because I forgot I already had them! So I documented all my books onto spreadsheets by theme and kept them all together in a binder. It helps when planning, so I can easily access what books I have without going through my heavy theme boxes.

 Now, seeing Mrs. Sheehan's TPT binder reminded me I needed to update as I recently bought some books. I decided to add pictures to the spreadsheet so I can also see the covers of the books.This visual will also help me remember which book is about what. I will slowly update my binder in this way. Here's a picture of my Asian books spreadsheet.
Now I will need to make a cute cover for my boring black binder! On the home front, I am off to make some Vietnamese pho for dinner... which will be ready tomorrow night.
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  1. Wow! I really like how you organize your books in binders. Mine are currently in themed ziploc bags and the excel document...well, that's a work in progress :) Thanks for sharing!

    -Catherine Reed

  2. Thanks you for the shout-out! I had to create my binder because I was completely forgetting what I had already purchased. Thank goodness TPT tells you if you already own a file instead of letting you purchase another one, or who knows what kind of damage I would have done:)

    I love this idea for books! I have also bought doubles of a bunch of my books but wasn't sure how to go about organizing them. The way you included the cover of the book is genius!

    Learning In Wonderland


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