Already Missing Winter Animal Rotations & A Walrus PPT Freebie

I will go back on Tuesday for a teacher work day before I see my kinderkids on Wednesday! I have had a well rested break, and I am excited to hear about their winter vacations. I wonder if any of them saw snow. Since it is a three day week, we will celebrate the new year and do some snowman activities. The following week is our kindergarten holiday around the world rotations. In previous years, we did this before the winter break, and then we did our winter animal rotations after winter break. I am already missing our winter animal rotations! If you are studying winter animals, you may want to check out my walrus powerpoint on TPT. Just click on the walrus craftivity picture to go to the free nonfiction powerpoint.

I want to make something for my kinderkids. I'm thinking a snowman something special for snack on Friday.

My kinderkids traced their left hands in green and right hands in red. They glued them on blue construction paper. I had these math mats laminated so that they can be reused for a variety of math activities.

Click on the above picture to get my free walrus powerpoint on TPT.

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