Math Rotations (Addition & Subtraction Freebie)

Just the other day, our current teacher of the year and last year's teacher of the year stopped by to see if they could observe how I do my math block. I was flattered, as they are both wonderful teachers and cohorts.

I basically have 70 minutes for my math and science block. When my students arrive back from specials, we spend about 10 minutes doing calendar on my Mimio Interactive whiteboard. Then, they split into 3 groups with 6-7 children in each group. I put them in groups of high, medium, and low. One group works with me, one group works with a dividend (parent helper), and one group works in a small group. They are at each area for about 20 minutes. At each center, they are typically working on the same skills. However, when they are with me, I differentiate by adding or lessening skills. When they are at their independent area, they may play games.

I do not do math rotations every day. Sometimes, I teach whole group math and then they work in cooperative groups or independently. Sometimes, we do science.

These two books are great resources that I used to help myself get started:

Math Work Stations: Independent Learning You Can Count On, K-2Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction

Now that the 100th day is over, I am working on Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day activities. My kinderkids are working on addition and subtraction. They are doing really well! We just started our addition/subtraction chapter this past week. However, we have been working on these skills since the second month of school. By Valentine's Day, I believe they will be able to make their own math stories using candy hearts. Here's an independent activity I created for my kinderkids that I would like to share with you. There are 20 different addition and subtraction cards. You may choose to do just addition or subtraction or a mix. I will put candy hearts with this activity so my kinderkids can act out each math equation. If you would like this freebie, click on any of the pictures to get it at my TPT store.





  1. We must be kindred spirits! It sounds like we do math the same way! And I used those same two books on which to base my instructional format too! In fact, I hosted a book study last should stop by my blog & check it out. There's a little tab up at the top that links to it....check it out! So nice to find someone who is on the same wave length when it comes to math!!

    Primary Inspired

  2. Vale those Valentine's dogs are too adorable! Thanks for the freebie!

  3. @Brenda

    Thanks Brenda! It looks like you have a great resource of information about it on your site. I will check it out!


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