Happy Lunar New Year & Freebie too!

February 10th is the start of the new lunar year! I am almost satisfied with my Traveling to China unit. Now that I learned about powerpoint in creating units, I keep adding and adding to it!!  Hopefully by the end of this upcoming long weekend, it will be ready to share.  I have not been to China, but to Vietnam to visit my relatives still living there. Growing up, I did not realize the similarities of these two cultures. I thought the Vietnamese new year (a 3 day celebration) was totally different from the Chinese new year (a 15 day celebration). Now, I have fun making connections with my little Asians!

I am having a givewaway to share my love of the Asian culture. This giveaway includes one prize to one lucky winner of my newest unit: Traveling to China and a FedEx package of 24 pairs of chopsticks, 24 red envelopes, and a hardcover book (see below) in time to celebrate the new lunar year!
Bringing in the New Year (Read to a Child!)
I use a powerpoint to share information to my little ones about China. I have found a wonderful powerpoint several years ago at a freebie powerpoint site, and changed it up to work for my kindergarten class. I do not remember where and who created the original. My kinderkids enjoyed learning about China with this powerpoint. Click here to get it for free on google docs. On the first slide, there is an audio that does not work. I suggest that you search for how to say hello in Chinese and download a sound file saying "ni hao". Insert that in the first page of the slide show. The other sounds were already embedded in the original powerpoint. I also added some youtube video links to this powerpoint. Have fun visiting China!

Now for the giveaway...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In case you missed it- Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners and I are having a giveaway. Click here to see that blog post.

In addition, I am having a 100 Follower Freebie Giveaway. Click here to see that blog post.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. When I was back in Asia, the Lunar New Year celebration lasts for 15 days, with the 1st 2 days being the busiest where we visit relatives and friends. We always bring oranges (it has to be an even number!) to exchange with our relatives and friends, and also give red packets (also has to be an even number!) to children and unmarried adults! ~cheriemae@gmail.com

  2. Hi there! I just found your site and I love the powerpoint on China. I was wondering if you could tell me why when I download the ppt and I try to click on the links they don't work, but when I click on them without downloading it they do? Thanks, Diane


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