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Yesterday, I made a yummy vanilla bean cheesecake to go with dinner at our friends' home. It is delicious, but way too many calories. I will have to attempt to lighten it up using some yogurt instead of all that butter and cream cheese.

My friend, Amy, was awarded all her funds for her classroom yoga project! I am inspired by her to try some yoga out in my class. Here is one book on-line that I will use: You Are A Lion.

I am ready for my next two weeks of nursery rhymes! However, I do need to print out some things. I have been searching for my usual cheap Georgia Pacific white cardstock. It is $5.48 for a package of 150 pages. The two nearest Walmarts are out of it!! I wonder if they are discontinuing this product. My husband suggests that I find a new brand. Not sure if that is possible for that kind of price! Any suggestions?

I am loving this 3 day weekend! I feel well rested and ready for my 4th week of kindergarten with my new students!



  1. I too am loving my class...all of them except for one. There's always ONE isn't there! lol! I mean he can be sweet, but it's going to be a LONG year! Here is to a great school year for you!

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  2. I found you on Farley's Currently. Most husbands must be mowing lawns today. We finally have had some rain to get ours to grow. Have a great year.

  3. It was so nice meeting you through the linky. I'm your newest follower. :)

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  4. Loves to you girl!!!! we love our yoga poses we have been practicing our letter names and sounds while moving and giggling!

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