Nursery Rhymes & Freebies

For the past two weeks, we have concentrated on learning about nursery rhymes. We had a blast participating and working on various skills. Here are a few pictures to show what we have done.


We illustrated Humpty Dumpty for our poetry folders. I have one for each nursery rhyme I do in my classroom. This can be found in my Nursery Rhyme packet on TPT.
Each student made a Humpty Dumpty.

Each student made a rhyme. This one says, "Humpty Dumpty sat on a roof. Hummpty Dumpty fell on a boof." Directions to make these are in my Nursery Rhymes unit on TPT.

A co-worker had her students paint these cute Humpty Dumpty's. I want to do these next time!!
Acting out the Itsy Bitsy Spider
Directions to make these Itsy Bitsy spiders are in my Nursery Rhyme unit on TPT.

What rhymes with Jack & Jill? You can get this free at my TPT store- just download the Nursery Rhyme Preview packet.
Making 5 with Jack & Jill- also found in my Nursery Rhymes unit on TPT.
Another poem being illustrated for the poetry folder

Putting Little Miss Muffet in order. I got this free from another website. I will add link once I refind it.
Mary Had a Little Lamb poem for the poetry folder

At my teacher center, we were playing Memory with sheep cards, matching numerals to dots. I'll add link once I refind it.

A couple of students adding water drops (blue cubes) onto Jack and Jill's buckets. This can be found in my Nursery Rhyme unit on TPT.
A few mice hand puppets that students made to act out Hickory Dickory Dock. Directions to make are in my Nursery Rhymes unit on TPT.

Students facing the screen to act out Hickory Dickory Dock with a powerpoint.
We also had a QU wedding and made some QU words with these letter vests from a catalog. I found them here too.
This past week , I used J. Meacham's free 5 senses resources. In addition, we used Mrs. Will's wonderful 5 senses unit free at her TPT store.  I made some parts for my students to create their own Mr. Potato Heads. Click on the picture to get the activity.
I am looking forward to this week, because we will be going on an Alphabet Vacation this Friday!! Have a wonderful week!




  1. Love all the nursery rhyme stuff!

  2. Thanks peeking in on your class...we are going to making the silly humpty rhymes next year and break out the paint for the mice! Hugs Amy


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