Green Walls & Ham

Originally this week, I had a different perspective of what I wanted to blog about. However, several things have put a set back on that. C'est la vie! Last Friday, I had to take things off my wall and move everything away 3 feet from the walls. Over the weekend, we had our walls painted! Instead of the white, we went with a light beige with a green accent wall. Here is what it looked like when I entered my room after the long weekend...

I didn't have time for green eggs and ham, as I hurriedly tried to get my room back together in the 90 minutes before my students came back. I managed to get most things back in their spots. I just need to put some things back on the wall, and put more up (as I did not earlier, due to me knowing the walls were going to be painted at some point). I think I am liking the new colors on the walls!

Besides fresh new paint, I have been busy trying to assess and start small groups with my students. I will return this weekend with a post about what we did during our nursery rhymes and five senses units. I will be posting a Potato Head Freebie that we created during our 5 senses unit!

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