Sun & Moon Adventures- With Dr. Seuss Too!

Teaching about space is an adventure with kinderkids. We are having a blast! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to...

Most of these activities came from my Bears in Space unit. We will continue to explore space and end the upcoming week with some green eggs and ham for Dr. Seuss Day.

Click picture to check out my space unit on TPT. You can get freebies from this unit by dowloading the preview there.
Here are a couple pictures from when I taught Dr. Seuss in first grade. No fun Oobleck pictures though. Last year, we spent a week on Dr. Seuss books. Not this year. :0(



Bears in Space

This coming week, my kinderkids and I will be delving into a space unit with Frank Asch bear stories along with a selection of non-fiction books. I just posted my Bears in Space unit on TPT. I meant for it to be a little unit, but it ended up being over 100 pages!

I included some freebies with the preview download at TPT. Click on the below picture to go there and download the preview freebies.

In addition, I created a Mimio ink file for my interactive whiteboard to use with this unit. It does not have the exact graphics as my TPT unit due to graphic copyright rules. However, I think it will still be fun and beneficial for my kinderkids! Click below to check it out on Google Docs. If you have a Smartboard or Flipboard, I am wondering if you can open other files. I know with Mimio, I can open notebook and flipbook files. However, I noticed sometimes the swf files do not transfer and some of the other fancy stuff doesn't transfer either. This particular file is not fancy... pretty simple!



What I'm Loving... (Growing Kinders linky party)

I'm joining in on Kathleen's What I'm Loving Linky Party.

1. Three Day weekend with much cooler weather- I'm not ready for warmer temps. Sorry, but down here in Florida, we did not really have a winter! I haven't even worn any of my real winter coats!

2. Workshops... I am currently taking two through my county: Reading Endorsement #2 and Daily 5. I will also be attending another Kagan workshop in the near future!

3. Upcoming vacation with my husband is a bonus! I am looking forward to taking some great pictures with my new digital camera! Here's a picture of where we will be heading...

Click picture to go to the orignal, as it is not mine. I hope to get some of my own spectacular photos!

4. Origin's Ginger Souffle lotion- I love the way it smells!

Ginger Souffleâ„¢ Whipped body cream

5. Freebies!! There were so many being offered for Valentine's! I love being part of the bloggy world of sharing ideas!

I am currently working on putting some space ideas digitally together for my space unit. I hope to have a Mimio (whiteboard) freebie for a Mimio Monday... as I have not done that in months!! I do heart my new Mimio whiteboard too!

Check out what others are loving or join in on the fun too!



2013- Year of the Snake!

So many different holidays this week! Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day... did I miss any?? We did not do any great snake activities. Instead, we started our Monday with learning more about China. I read a couple books by Grace Lin.

You can see the inspiration of our dim sum craftivity!
Even though it is not a Grace Lin book, it is a great book to brainstorm what comes in pairs.
This is a book that came from Reading Street that my school district will adopt and use in the new school year.

Many of these activities can be found in my new Traveling to China unit on TPT. Click on the unit cover to go to TPT. Download the preview for a few math freebies.

We are also working on friendship and discussing what makes a good friend. Tomorrow will be a day full of hugs, smiles, and love. Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Lunar New Year!


This Martin Luther King Jr. art project was a freebie from TLC. The MLK tree map came from Erin Eberhart's freebie packet on TPT.




Panda Portraits

Have you seen these adorable pandas?? Here is one from that cute collection of panda portraits. I plan to do these with my kinderkids on Friday! Next week, during writing time, we will work on creating panda facts in cooperative groups. These panda portraits will make cute covers for our panda facts books. I am looking forward to seeing what my students create!

During this week and the following week, we will participate in a few activities with a Chinese theme in honor of the upcoming Chinese New Year. It starts this Sunday, February 10th! Some of these activities are in my new unit: Traveling to China. To see other pinspired activities, check out Learning in Wonderland's Pinspired linky party:

Have a great week!

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