What I'm Loving... (Growing Kinders linky party)

I'm joining in on Kathleen's What I'm Loving Linky Party.

1. Three Day weekend with much cooler weather- I'm not ready for warmer temps. Sorry, but down here in Florida, we did not really have a winter! I haven't even worn any of my real winter coats!

2. Workshops... I am currently taking two through my county: Reading Endorsement #2 and Daily 5. I will also be attending another Kagan workshop in the near future!

3. Upcoming vacation with my husband is a bonus! I am looking forward to taking some great pictures with my new digital camera! Here's a picture of where we will be heading...

Click picture to go to the orignal, as it is not mine. I hope to get some of my own spectacular photos!

4. Origin's Ginger Souffle lotion- I love the way it smells!

Ginger Souffle™ Whipped body cream

5. Freebies!! There were so many being offered for Valentine's! I love being part of the bloggy world of sharing ideas!

I am currently working on putting some space ideas digitally together for my space unit. I hope to have a Mimio (whiteboard) freebie for a Mimio Monday... as I have not done that in months!! I do heart my new Mimio whiteboard too!

Check out what others are loving or join in on the fun too!



  1. I love workshops and PD too. :) Always learning! Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I love Kagan workshops! I am a Kagan coach for our district/building. Which workshop are you going to?

    I am definitely enjoying my three day weekend as well! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  3. So thankful to have found your blog on the linky party! I look forward to sharing ideas with you! I'm your newest follower!

  4. Kagan is one of my favorites! I love their workshops. I went to 2 over the last few years and have learned so much beneficial information!

    Cute blog!
    Second Grade Nest


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