2013- Year of the Snake!

So many different holidays this week! Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day... did I miss any?? We did not do any great snake activities. Instead, we started our Monday with learning more about China. I read a couple books by Grace Lin.

You can see the inspiration of our dim sum craftivity!
Even though it is not a Grace Lin book, it is a great book to brainstorm what comes in pairs.
This is a book that came from Reading Street that my school district will adopt and use in the new school year.

Many of these activities can be found in my new Traveling to China unit on TPT. Click on the unit cover to go to TPT. Download the preview for a few math freebies.

We are also working on friendship and discussing what makes a good friend. Tomorrow will be a day full of hugs, smiles, and love. Happy Valentine's Day!

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