Thursday's Cooperative Learning Week 2

It's week 2 for my Thursday's Cooperative Learning Linky. Today, I wanted to go into another strategy that I use often as a review for my kinderkids. Kagan calls it Quiz-Quiz-Trade. It is similiar to StandUp-HandUp-PairUp.  First, students StandUp-HandUp-PairUp. Partner A quizzes. Then Partner B answers. Partner A praises or tutors as needed. Then partners switch roles, so Partner B quizzes and Partner A answers. When completed, they trade cards, and raise their hands to find a new partner. I found this video on youtube of a 3rd grade class participating with this cooperative learning structure. I really like how they praise and cheer each other.

Here is another video of a class adding s or ies to the ending of  a word.

Here is a link to another video of a first grade class reviewing spelling. Before the actual activity, the teacher goes over the procedures with her class: First Grade Spelling.

One way I use this cooperative learning structure in my kindergarten classroom is to review our sight words. My kindergarten team and I have split our sight words into one of six colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple). I can differentiate by having one part of the class working on red words, while another group is working on orange words. This allows for differentiation and students can work on their own levels.

I also find it is important to teach my littles words for when a partner is not answering. I ask them to say, "Do you need more time or help?" I love it when they use these words and help as needed. On the back of my cards, I sometimes have an answer to check their work.
For language arts, I use many activities from this particular kindergarten book. It is a great Kagan resource.
 In math, I created my own resources to review skills. I just finished up my 1,2,3 Cooperative Learning With Kindergarten Math and posted it on TPT. Add your link or comment by next Thursday, and I will send it to you for free. Otherwise, you can purchase it on TPT for $4.
 Link up or comment below on how you use cooperative learning in your classroom. You may want to even share a lesson that works particularly well.You can use this code to add the Inlinkz to your own page. Just copy and paste the red code where you want it in the "HTML" mode: <!-- start InLinkz script -->
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