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I am joining Just Reed in her Ten Pin Linky- Math Idea Pins. In the past couple years, I have worked on improving the format of my math block in kindergarten. Before at the beginning of my math block, I would teach whole group math lessons. Afterwards, my students would practice independently while I worked with students in small groups or one-on-one. When completed, my students would go to math games. With that format, I was focusing on students who needed extra support. Now, after reading some great math books, I am moving towards teaching my students in small groups more often in math.

This past year, I started my math block with numeracy building routines during calendar. Afterwards, my students were split into 3 groups. One group worked with me on a lesson. Another group worked with a parent helper on reviewing a skill or working on their math journals. The third group worked independently with the support of the small group. Sometimes, they also played math games. This occurred about 3-4 times a week. On Wednesdays, I did a whole group lesson. On every other Thursday, my students played math games or worked with me.

I recently pinned some great math ideas from teachers that I love to visit often for their great inventive ideas!

1. Mrs. Wills inspired me to read the book, Math Work Stations. This book was great in helping me to think about how to reorganize my math materials and how to use my resources. There are quite a few free math ideas on Mrs. Wills Kindergarten blog. I currently have my math manipulatives on 2 shelving items. They are in tubs. I want to switch over to bins with covers.

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten: Math Work Stations Part 3
2. Kindergarten Kindergarten continues to be an inspiration for math ideas! I love her journal ideas for geometry and shapes for her kinderkids. I went back to look for those ideas, and came across this measurement packet. Each time I visit I find some great ideas- lots of freebies there too!
Kindergarten Kindergarten's Math- lots of freebies

3. I have been updating some of my math games, as they were created over many years ago. Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten is another place that has many freebies. Some of the games were ones that I was already familiar with, so updating was easy for me!
Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Math Work Stations- lots of freebies

4.  Vicky from Mrs. Plant's Press made an awesome math unit about penguins. Her post using her IWB captivated me and made me buy her penguin unit on TPT. I loved it! More importantly, my kinderkids had fun learning their common core math standards with this unit.
Mrs. Plant's Press: penguins

5. Through Vicky, I learned about one of her teammates, The Golden Gang Kindergarten. Love her math ideas too!
Golden Gang Kindergarten: Math
6. I love to use cooperative learning in my classroom, and Mingle is a game I want to play with my kinderkids. This is a video that shows how a teacher does this in her classroom.
Mingle & Count: A Game of Number Sense
7. Talking about cooperative learning, I also pinned my Cooperative Learning with Kindergarten Math unit.
Learning with Mrs. Brinn: Thursday's Cooperative Learning Week 2- Get Cooperative Learning packet free for linking up or commenting until early morning June 20th.
8. Jazzy Journals- Love how Kim from Kinder by Kim incorporates art into math.

Jazzy Journals...Love the idea for math and also basic cutting and gluing skills.

9. I am keeping my eye out for the Daily 5 Math information. This is one second grade teacher's way of doing it. Got to have at least one owl post!!
Second Grade Discoveries with Miss Bily: OWLS Math Workshop Center Rotations!
10. Collaboration Cutie's Mentor Text- love using picture books throughout the day for different areas, especially math!! Great ideas from various grade levels here.

Collaboration Cuties: Must Read Mentor Texts


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