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My brain has been completely thinking about classroom décor. I have moved classrooms- just one room over. However it is different! The storage space is different. I have narrower closet shelves space. The furniture is different. Instead of trapezoids for tables, I will have squares. The classroom bathroom is huge- it has a tub! It also has it's own kitchen area with a stove and oven- for real! Not a play area kind, but one to bake a gingerbread man in or heat up some water. At the end of the year I just moved my boxes over and left them. I looked at the space and took a few photos. My mind has been thinking about what to do with the new space, and how to fit all my stuff in it! So this Ashley Reed's linky party is a great idea for me! Love it!

I plan to keep my owl theme with the colors green and blue with a touch of black and white polka dots. Here is something for me to make for Monday Made It...

I have been eyeing this bookshelf for a long time now.

My classroom library is already organized in their neat little bins. However, my theme books that I take out during a certain time frame are in 2 gallon ziplocks and put in my theme tubs. Needless to say, my tubs got very heavy. In the new room, there are great bookshelves in the teacher closet to put them in. I already bought some blue and green bins from Really Good Stuff. I still need more bins... I'm thinking yellow, pink, and orange to organize the math, social studies, and other books I have.
To label the bins, I want to use these freebie polka dot labels. I already used them on my IKEA boxes for my guided reading games and tools. Here is a picture of the math labels I am currently working on. The actual pin picture is too small. Just click to go to the pin and the resource.
Speaking about polka dots... I pinned this to use for decor in my new classroom. It says "WELCOME".


The classroom library area will change. My books and tubs are already labeled. I want to include an inviting couch or bench in the area. I currently use pillows and small chairs.
I think I will need to include something like this in the owl classroom library!

When I first taught kindergarten, I had a mom sew seat covers for me. Then I moved up to first grade and gave those blue seat covers to a kindergarten teacher friend. This past school year, one of my teacher friends bought book covers to make as seat covers for her kids. They worked all year. I'm keeping my eye out at the Target $1 Spot!
In the new classroom, there will only be one bulletin board and one whiteboard. In my old room, I had 3 bulletin boards and 2 whiteboards. That leaves me with a little bit of a dilemma of where to place my word wall and filling buckets board. The current bulletin board I want to keep to display children's work. The white board will be used to show our learning goals and be used for the IWB. A long time ago, at my first school, I had created a word wall on bulletin board paper and had it laminated. I am thinking I can do something similar to that or this pinned picture.

The most important thing about my new classroom will be the new faces I will meet! They are who make the classroom a fun place to be!

If you get a chance, please stop by my Thursday's Cooperative Learning Linky. Is there something you want to know or share? Just link up or comment. When I talk with my fellow teachers at work, it amazes me how we use a different structure in different ways. I love how versatile and creative teachers can be! I am also giving away my newest packet: 1, 2, 3, Cooperative Learning With Kindergarten Math to anyone who links up or comments. Hope to see you there!


  1. Of course you know I love the owls for your library too. :) And a couch would be fabulous! I barely have room for my books. ;p
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Ooh...since I'm doing owls this year I am all over this! I love the owl pins. Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. WOW! It has a bathtub! That is crazy! I am interested to see your new room!

  4. Oh my, so many good ideas on this post. I've seen the book cover chair pockets...you did say they hold up all year? I've always wondered. We have chair pockets but they fit so snug the kiddos can hardly get anything in them.
    Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies


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