Monday, February 18, 2013

Bears in Space

This coming week, my kinderkids and I will be delving into a space unit with Frank Asch bear stories along with a selection of non-fiction books. I just posted my Bears in Space unit on TPT. I meant for it to be a little unit, but it ended up being over 100 pages!

I included some freebies with the preview download at TPT. Click on the below picture to go there and download the preview freebies.

In addition, I created a Mimio ink file for my interactive whiteboard to use with this unit. It does not have the exact graphics as my TPT unit due to graphic copyright rules. However, I think it will still be fun and beneficial for my kinderkids! Click below to check it out on Google Docs. If you have a Smartboard or Flipboard, I am wondering if you can open other files. I know with Mimio, I can open notebook and flipbook files. However, I noticed sometimes the swf files do not transfer and some of the other fancy stuff doesn't transfer either. This particular file is not fancy... pretty simple!



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