Five For Friday

Five for Friday... and it's on time! My class and I just finished 6 weeks together! I am starting to feel back on track, and human again. :0) Kindergarteners have lots of energy!
1. Even though this happened last week on Thursday, I wanted to share. One of my kindergarten parents came into the classroom with a surprise package for me. I wish I took a picture of the beautiful bow she made. I thought about it after the fact. So I just wrapped the brown ribbon around the box... not the same. Oh well! Now I have my very own Erin Condren notepad for my table. :0)
2. All 5 components of Daily 5 have been introduced and practiced with my kindergarteners. This year, I am using some ideas from Kim Adsit's Powerful Partnerships for Reading With a Partner. They just look so cute when they are reading to themselves back to back. They are doing a great job sharing with their partners. 
3. At the beginning of the week, we worked on sorting objects and pictures. I used Kagan's Rally Coach structure for this picture sort by categories.
4. I used some alphabet cards from my Alphabet Vacation unit to do a Kagan Quiz-Quiz-Trade to practice identifying initial sounds and letters.
5. Today, we had our Alphabet Vacation. The kinders dressed up and we had a great time pretending to go to the airport, traveling, and landing onto Letter Island. Then they shared their suitcases and bags filled with items starting with their assigned letter. They also had passports which they used to keep track of the letters they learned about from their friends.
My brain seems a little scattered. This week has been exceptionally busy for me, as I spent Wednesday afternoon helping to bag books in my school's new leveled book room. Then on Thursday evening, I spent some time in my 4th Reading Endorsement class. It's a differentiated instruction class. I am excited about learning more about that!


  1. OMG I love your Alphabet Vacation idea! I am totally doing that with my kinders.

    Thanks for the fantastic idea! I am your newest follower :)

    Miss M
    The Fabulous First Grade


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