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I have been back to school for a month already! Kinders have had 3 weeks of school. I've taken some photos, but not too many. Hopefully, I will get better! We have started our new reading series, Reading Street. It is different from how we used to teach. It's taking some time to learn and adjust to it. I forgot how busy and tired I am at the beginning of the school year. This long weekend is much needed at this time of the year. Gives me a chance to rejuvenate. I'm joining in on Farley's currently.
Sometimes it is just nice to listen to the quiet. Squirrels are really loud!
I am getting lots accomplished this long weekend: lesson plans, gradebook for team, Mimio (IWB) creation to introduce PASI skills, grocery shopping, yummy meals, visit with my mom and sister, etc...
I am so excited to finally get to meet my friend's little girl, Ansley!! She was born about 3 weeks ago, and I haven't seen her yet! Last weekend, I was sick. So looking forward to holding her. :0) Thinking about what kind of meal to make before visiting or flowers to pick up for my friend.
I wish the temperatures would start cooling off a little faster. I love fall weather, and we don't really get that down here in Florida. I just want the highs to be below the 90s.
Last Monday started off quite grand. I met my sweet junior intern! She is bubbly and full of positive energy- love that!! My kinderkids and I already love her! Well, once I started letting the kids into the classroom on Monday, our tech facilitator came in and told me I was needed in the studio- for live school news. I was apprehensive- as I do not like to be put on the spot. As I get in the studio, I had to be quiet as the news had already started... I am wondering why I am there. They ask me to stand next to some PTA moms and children. I see the children are holding something I have been wanting for quite a long time! I started jumping up and down! It's an IPAD!! My kinderkids were so cute. One asked if I would share it with him. :0) We will be using it this week for a listening center. Reading Rainbow has a great app for reading books to kids. Do you know of any apps I could use in my classroom with it?
I am missing some of my friends who used to work with me at my current school. They have moved on to other schools. I need to visit one in her new kindergarten classroom and the other in her new assistant principal office. This would make my heart happy to keep in touch with these ladies. I am also working on running early in the mornings... this is tough for me, as I don't like to get up early in the morning. I just need to remind myself how good I feel after the run. I typically do eat a lot of veggies, but I think I eat more meat due to my husband being a carnivore. We joined a group that gets organic produce every other week. I am loving it so far. Just joined this past Thursday. We ate the strawberries, blueberries, and bananas already. I made a kale salad last night... never knew about a massaged kale salad. I also boiled some golden beets... which taste just like regular beets... maybe a slight variance. Tonight I am planning on making a lasagna with some of the other veggies we got.
I'm off again this Thursday! Hopefully I will get to post some pics of my classroom. Happy Labor Day!


  1. Oh, that is so awesome that you won an iPad. We have an iPad mini in my room, and the kids love it! We mostly use the nook app and listen to books that way, but I'll have to check out the Reading Rainbow app! Have a great week!

    Carolina Teacher

  2. I keep thinking I should look into some sort of produce coop. My goal is to get up early and walk/run with the dog. I think I will feel better if I do something early in the morning. Good luck with your running! I would love some cooler weather. It has been 105 here. This is the hottest we have been all summer.
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  3. Our goals are very well and run! Congratulations on winning and iPad!!!!! That's awesome!

    Read With Me ABC


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