Five For Friday & Froggie Freebie

We had so much fun learning about frogs, turtles, and ducks this week. It has been a delightful week!
1. We made these frogs from Kim Adsit's Frogs & Butterflies pack. They came out so cute! I was proud because 18/19 of my students did this activity independently!! They have come a long way since the beginning of kindergarten. I am proud of all my 19 students. This activity involved fixing up mixed-up sentences and putting them back in order. Afterwards, they had to glue the matching pictures to go with the words.
The next day we made more frogs! I shared with my students this book:
This story is a sweet story of a frog who want to fly. His parents tell him flying is a bird thing, and he should find a frog thing to do. After this story, we discussed what our thing was. My students wrote and made a frog to go with their writing. I've used this frog template to go along with other writings. It's a freebie for you if you would like. Just click on any of the student samples to go to my TPT store to get the templates for free.
Click picture for freebie.

Click picture for freebie.
2. My Sing & Spell package from HeidiSongs arrived on Wednesday!! I was able to purchase these through a small grant through my school's PTA. :0) My class loves to sing and dance while learning their sight words. There are free samples on youtube and her website to try a couple out in your own classroom.
Click picture to go to HeidiSongs.
3. This week has been especially brighter knowing that a couple of coworkers who I have worked with are considering of requesting me as their upcoming kindergartner's teacher. Not sure if it will all go through, but it certainly makes one feel good about oneself.
4. I finally read Mossy to my students! I even got a little teary eyed during the story. My kinderkids got into the story. One little guy cracked me up... because at the end there is a picture of baby turtles. He wondered if the Mossy and Spot (two turtles) would kiss, and then at the end, he giggled, "I guess they did kiss!"
Afterwards, we watched Jan Brett's video of drawing Mossy so we could draw our own box turtles.
In the afternoon, I read Turtle Splash. It is a great book to review take away one with my kinderkids. They enjoyed working with their partners as we reviewed writing subtraction sentences.

5. Little heartwarmer!! My coworker and I were talking in our closet, and to my surprise, I saw this caterpillar crossing the floor in front of the closet. The little artist is her kindergarten son. Such a sweet message for his mom (my coworker). It warmed my heart and brightened my morning.
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