Space, Penguins, and Freebie

We finished up our Bears in Space unit this past week. Here is a preview of it:


At one pocket center, my kinderkids put sentences back together again. They wrote the words on a recording sheet and read the sentences again with a partner. I am amazed at how far these little guys have come this year! Kindergarten is a great year to see the leaps and bounds that children make.

At the name pocket center, my kinderkids placed their names, friends' names, and other words (ones they made on index cards) on the popsicle sticks (blanks).

Daily, we worked with a variety of venn diagrams comparing Frank Asch's bear stories, as well as sun/moon and day/night ones. We also retold stories.

In our math and science journals, we wrote about why a book falls down. This little one blew me away with his journal entry! He even used a question at the top!

One of our team's math activities did not get printed out. This led me to do this impromtu math activity instead. I had leftover 100th day snacks left over which was perfect for students to sort and place on a ten frame. They worked with a partner and counted their snacks. Each partner had a different marker, so I could see who wrote each equation. They did a great job working with numerals 11-19.

On Friday, Thing 1 came to our room to make green eggs and ham with us!

This upcoming week, we will start our Wild Animals unit. We will start our adventures with Antarctica and penguins. I am linking up with Deedee Wills, and attempting my own visual plans! I am thinking of transferring my visual plans into my interactive whiteboard software (Mimio ink) with all the links to the assignments, songs, and visuals. Has anyone done that? I think it will be a great way to organize my different digital stuff into one big file for the week!

Are you still with me? Well I'm also linking up with Freebilicious...
I used My Cute Graphics to make some math games for the upcoming spring season. Click on the pictures to get it from my TPT store for free!

Have a spectacular week!


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