Thankful (& A Math freebie)

It certainly has been an interesting week full of ups and downs in kindergarten. In the midst of all the going ons, I went to a Regina Spektor concert with a friend. If you haven't heard of her, you may want to check out this youtube video of one of her recent songs. It is not as upbeat as some of her other songs, but this displays her passion and spectacular voice.

One of the tougher parts of this week involved supporting my coworker as her family deals with the lost of a little 5 year old to a nasty brain tumor. It is not my story to tell, but if you want to hear a touching and inspiring story from a mother's point of view, please visit Cheering for Caitlin.

Amongst some other stuff, I found Storie's linky party that focused on the positive, and thought to myself I needed to join in.

Here's the link so you can join in too!
Are you off for Thanksgiving week? We are in school on Monday and Tuesday. Every year, I have Thanksgiving Centers with my students in whatever grade I am teaching (K-2). We have fun making a variety of turkey items. I wish I had easy access to some photos to share with you, but I only have scrapbooks of these older pictures. Here are a few activities from previous years:

In first grade, I usually incorporated some type of cornucopia math activity. My first year of teaching, I had created a cornucopia using an ice cream cone filled with treats for my students to graph and sort. Then one year, I wanted my students to practice addition and subtraction stories. I used bugles to represent cornucopias and Trix cereal as the different fruits. I would tell them a story problem, and they would act out the story using the cereal. Then they would use a dry erase marker to write the math sentence on the mat. It was great way for us to review addition and subtraction. So I created a mat for you- just print out and laminate. Click on the picture to get the Cornucopia Math freebie.

May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. My heart breaks to read that cancer has claimed another young victim. Thank you for linking up. Enjoy your Thanksgiving :)
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