Random Picture Takes

It has been busy around here. I wanted to share lots, but it seems I just cannot keep up with photo ops and getting on my blog. I really admire those who can juggle a classroom and a blog! I am currently working on a nocturnal unit, but it has been a slow process, especially with my new MimioTeach, Reading Endorsement class, report cards, Halloween, Teach-In, upcoming holidays, lesson plans, meetings, etc. So, I thought I would share a few random picture takes of what's been happening in my classroom: MimioTeach, Scarecrows, Farms, and S'mores!

I got the scarecrow pattern blocks template free from The Virtual Vine's website. CLICK HERE and scroll down her scarecrow page and look for links to Tricia's scarecrow or scarecrow with pumpkin links.

I am off to go and enjoy a birthday dinner with family and friends. Have a wonderful weekend!

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