Skunk Freebies Giveaway!!

Last week, we were learning about animals that live in the woods, as well as some nocturnal animals. Every year, I typically spend time teaching squirrels, bats, and owls. This year I wanted to do something with skunks. I didn't tell my students we were going to learn about them. Instead, I had them help me make a list of stinky items on a trash can. They enjoyed saying some words and kept laughing. Then they figured out we were going to learn about another nocturnal animal- skunks. I found these great books on Amazon:
Sweet book! Sassafrass is a little skunk who is feeling sensitive about her stink.

A boy finds a skunk on his bunk, and learns to keep an open mind.

A nonfiction book giving information about skunks.
Here are some close ups of the Little Stinkers:
"I was copying my sister." Love all his speech bubbles and details!!

I forgot exactly what his print means, but I do remember the story. He took his mom's purse. So she chased him, and she called him a little stinker. I love the expressions he made on the faces!

"I was playing and not eating my food."

I am busy working on my nocturnal animals unit. It will be a little while before I will be ready to post it on TPT. Fall is a busy season for me, as it is filled with holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. To share my love of fall, I would like to share with you, my followers, my "stinkin cute" skunk samples from my upcoming nocturnal unit. This will include:
  • What Stinks?- Brainstorm a list of stinky things.
  • Skunk in the Bunk Rhymes- Brainstorm a list of -unk words. Students write and draw a picture of each -unk word.
  • Rhyming in the Woods- use cooperative groups to work with rhyming words
  • Skunk Tree Map
  • Little Stinker writing and skunk template
  • Partner Picking Cards- cooperative learning strategy for Making 5 or Making 10
All you have to do is:
  1. be a follower,
  2. leave a comment to this post about your favorite nocturnal animal
  3. and your email address.

You will have until the next time I post to be able to participate in this giveaway, which will likely be this upcoming weekend. Thank you for your sweet comments and helping me to be a better teacher!


  1. This is such a cute unit! I will have to remember it for when I do habitats! I have always loved skunks. I wanted to dress my daughter up as skunk for Halloween one year and the costume sold out - I was so bummed!

    Jenny @ Teacher and a Mom

  2. @Jenny Zuniga @ Teacher and a Mom
    I bet your daughter would have made a cute skunk! I saw a cute skunk dog costume at Target... I don't think my dog would appreciate though! I will send you my little skunk packet- thanks for commenting!


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