Kissing Hand Math Centers

This first week went by so fast!! I forget how much I am moving around the room and managing the classroom! We got the chance to play some Kissing Hand Math games this first week of school.

Here are a couple of students rolling the die and finding a numeral to cover
that matches the dots. I believe I got this from Mailbox.

Another Mailbox game where each student spins the raccoon. Each child keeps track of
how the raccoon lands: heads or tails.

This is a game I created in which the students put the raccoons in numerical
order. Then they add cubes to match the numeral. I have included this game in my Start School- Using Brain Based Research packet.

This is another game I created using raccoons, numerals, and hearts. It can be found

Here is a closer view of the worksheet.

Have you seen this 99 page Kissing Hand packet on TPT? Click on it to visit Kinderbabies to get it! It's FREE! It has some great stuff in it.

I also finally updated a cat craftivity onto google docs. Remember this picture from the summer? Well click on it to get to the freebie to make it!

I am hoping this second week will continue to run smoothly! I will be away for part of it, and I have not done that this early in the year! I will get to visit my family and hopefully have lunch with my nephew on one of his first days in kindergarten!


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