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I love books! I would think that teachers typically say that. However, one of my teacher friends surprised me when she told me she hated reading! I know, right? Who doesn't love to read? She giggled at me, and told me that she lies to her kids and tells them she loves to read. She had me fooled- she is an incredible teacher and reader.

Chrissy at First Grade Found Me is having a book linky party! She has some great beginning of the year school books on her list.

I have quite a few beginning of the school year books from my years of teaching K-2. Here are my must haves:
I share a variety of filling bucket books during the first week of school. This ties in with my classroom management system. This particular story tells a story about a boy's day and how his and others' buckets are dipped and filled.
This is a story that young children can relate to. It is also a great lead in to active listening routines.
P.K. Hallinan has some very cute books. I like to use this particular one to let my students know that I am their friend too.

David books appeal to young children with its humor and fun pictures. These books are a great lead in to class rules.

This is a fun one too. I like to use it for a writing lesson on what we packed in our backpacks for the first day of school.
This is one I love to use in first grade. David Catrow is one of my favorite illustrators!

 I have used this book before a labeling lesson. I remember my first year of teaching, and my first graders thought I lived in the closet at school. Nowadays, they wouldn't believe me.
This is another great kindergarten book. I like to use it to think aloud how I did things alike and different than Miss Bindergarten. My students make a classbook telling how they get ready for kindergarten.

This is a great math book for counting, colors, sorting, patterning, and beginning addition.

Another fun math book! Children love to create their own dot pictures.

What are your must have books?



  1. I love this linky party! I come away from everyone's posts with more books to read!!! I am your newest follower. I would love to have you come by and visit my blog!

  2. Excellent book choices! I love Howard B Wigglebottom! I must check out Stand Tall. I've seen a few bloggers recommending it now.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. Howard B. Wigglebotton looks adorable! Thanks for linking up to the party!
    First Grade Found Me

  4. You have THREE of my favorite book picks...Miss Marlarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10, David Goes to School, and How Full is Your Bucket!

    I am your newest follower:)
    The Resourceful Apple

  5. You picked some good books! I didn't even think to include some of those in my post! And super cute about your friend who has everyone fooled.

    Tangled with Teaching


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