Summer Reading

Summer has started!! Besides taking time to relax and enjoy my family and friends more, I do plan to read some educational books. Not sure about the fun books just yet. A parent did buy me one, so I may start with that one. Click on the book images to go to the online Amazon bookstore.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a county workshop that Irene Fountas did. What a spectacular speaker! I brought one of my Guided Reading books for her to sign, but it did not seem appropriate. She shared some great information. I bought this book to help me with making sure I hit those key literacy skills in each guided level for my reading groups.

I have not had 6 Traits Writing training, so I plan to read this book to help me start applying it in my kindergarten classroom.

My county is also citing many writing lessons from this particular book for kindergarten to use. This also looks like a great resource for applying 6 Traits into my writing workshop.
Another book that my county suggests is one that Deedee Wills is hosting as a book study on her blog.

I am still reading this one and hope to get more organized with it. I have found it useful when creating more independent math games for my students. 

I also plan to revisit my Kagan book, and think of ways to create more cooperative learning activities in my classroom. This book is a great resource in helping me to apply Kagan's cooperative learning structures easily into my literacy block. It has over 500 pages!

What's on your summer reading list??

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