During the summer, I usually do some fun things... like go to the beach, visit with friends, try out new restaurants, read books, craft in my messy room... but I also work on projects for the upcoming school year. I need to redo some games, since they are over 10 years old. This one is called Make 5. It is basically played like "War". Partners sit facing each other. One partner passes out all the cards between the two. Then the other partner goes first by putting one card down. The first partner puts down a card. If the two cards make 5, then that partner takes the pair. They keep continuing the game until all sets of 5 are made. Usually I have the one with the most cards be the winner. However, I learned from Kim Adsit about spinners, which determines if the winner is the one with the most or least sets. This game is great for students to play during math centers. I store each card set in a ziplock bag labeled with its name. I will be working on Make 10 as well, but that is for later in the year or for those who need differentiation. Maybe for next week's Freebie Friday? I think I will need to make a list!!

This Make 5 game is on Teachers Pay Teachers for free. Click on any of the pictures of the math game to go to my TPT store. If you are not a member of TPT yet, it's free to join!

Have a super weekend!

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