Be the Sunshine

Hello sunshines! I moved from kindergarten to first grade! I am so excited to be back in first grade after a long stretch in kindergarten. I am loving how my first graders can do so much!!  Such a fun age! Since I moved into a new room, I decided to change up my classroom theme- Be the sunshine! Here are a few pics giving a glimpse of my current classroom.

Class hallway bulletin board
 I only have one small bulletin board in my classroom, so I used the wall space above the cubbies to make a clothesline bulletin board. I hot glued a laminated sunshine face on each black clothespin. It is working beautifully to display their work.

I saved some of my owl stuff to decorate my classroom library area. Here's part of the library with the one bulletin board in the room.

I created some decorations for my whiteboard. A set of rules: Be the sunshine, Be safe, Be kind, Try your best, and Lead with Love. Underneath those rules is a space designated for sunshine notes written by me and classmates.

Our favorite time of the day is Read to Self time! They are already reading 15+ minutes! Here are some empty baskets before the students came. Then a close up with some books in the baskets.

Our cubbies are not the prettiest. So I laminated some cardstock with clipart to make them a little more appealing. The suns on their STAR binders make me smile!

I took their self portraits off the hallway bulletin board and posted them next to the cubbies around one of our weekly quotes.

Outside my class door, I put up weekly quotes. I started with sunshine themed ones this year! This is more for me, but my students enjoy reading them too! Shine bright!

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