Five for Friday (Saturday)

I meant to post sooner... but other things kept me busy! We said goodbye to my intern and a classmate. Then we got a new student. We celebrated the 50th day of school. My kindergarten team and I threw a baby shower for our teammate. I had Reading Endorsement classes. We started a running club for the kids in the mornings. My husband and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We had our annual costume parade and festivities. Now November is here!
1.) One Wednesday afternoon past, I was grouped with other teachers from other teams to work on a scarecrow. Each group of teachers worked on a scarecrow. The kids are suppose to vote for their favorite. Do you know which one I helped to create? Make a guess in the comment section below and the first person to make the correct guess can have one item free from my TPT store.

2.) My kindergarten team and I threw a baby shower for our teammate Jen. She is due late November, but we predict she is due earlier. She is having a little girl, and is not fond of pink. I looked for pastel colors of M&Ms and did not have luck. I ended up getting yellow candy melts to put over the white popcorn. It tasted like kettle corn. I added sprinkles too, but it cannot be seen in this particular photo.
 3.) We used a floor ten frame- made of green construction paper squares and hooting owls to figure out ways to make ten. I got this idea from April over at Chalk Talk. She gives a great description on how to make the owls and do math with the book, 10 Hooting Owls.
4.) We had our annual costume parade and festivities. So much fun! Here's one group all ready for the parade.
5.) Halloween night, we dressed up our dogs and met up with our friends to go trick-or-treating with their kids. Their little girl got a kick out of the dogs being dressed up. Last year, we bought these costumes on sale. Poor little guys.  

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  1. Fun scarecrow activity. I'll throw out a guess, the blonde braids?
    The dogs to to cute. My 6 year old loves the costumes.
    Hope you have a great week.

    School Is a Happy Place

  2. @A. Monroe

    No, not the blonde braids. :0) Thanks for stopping by!


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