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Summer is over! Time to get busy. I wrote this last Thursday night, planning to take pics as I was in my new classroom. Too much going on, that I didn't think about it.
LISTENING: My husband has not ever really watched the X-Files series. Now we are watching them, and I get to see them in order. Brings back memories of when my roomie and I would record them on VHS and watch them on Sunday mornings.
LOVING: My two sweet pups are lying next to me on the couch. They are all curled up and sleeping.
THINKING: My mind is racing, as the first official teacher work day is on Monday. I would have gone into my classroom this past Wednesday and Thursday to organize my new classroom, but they weren't ready for us to come in yet. So Friday they are open, and I will try to accomplish the organization in one day. I am also thinking about the little sweet faces I will be meeting soon. I love the new school year... the tradition of buying new outfits and school supplies.
WANTING: At the end of last school year, my husband and some teacher friends helped me move my stuff to a smaller classroom next door. I didn't put things away... the room has a different set up and ways to store stuff. So I needed time to reflect upon that. Now that my husband has a new job, he won't be able to help until evenings. My teacher friends are all so busy. I may be able to bribe some stay at home mommies to come and help me out.
NEEDING: I was planning on casually losing some weight this summer... I gained 2! I thought eating less cupcakes and sweets would help. How did that happen? Well I found a new app... though it is not new... new to me- My Fitness Pal. I am loving it with the barcode scanner! I am also going to use the Nike app on my runs to motivate me to train for an upcoming half marathon.
Back to School Must Haves: Definitely water, as I will be thirsty as I am cleaning and moving things around. Clorox Wipes are going to be needed to clean up all that dust that has accumulated over the summer. I found a great lesson about teaching multiple intelligences to primary children. I always tell my students how they are each smart in their own ways. I think this lesson will help convey that message. Click below to see her post that inspired me to go buy her packet... (She has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade versions)
If you are a kindergarten teacher, and if you want some bus activities, check out my Thursday's post. I am offering a big FREEBIE packet to my followers. Just click on the picture below to see that post and how to get this 215 pages of a unit for FREE.
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Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. I've heard lots of good things about that Fitness app. I'll have to check it out. It sounds like Weight Watchers with their barcode scanner.

    Have a great week at school! Hope everything gets settled for you!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Ok, I'm heading up to my school and totally forgot about Clorox wipes! Thanks for the reminder.


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