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I seem to always be behind during this time of year. I cannot believe that soon it will be Christmas Eve. I still have Christmas cards to write and packages to send out to my families. I had so many blog entry ideas come and go before I could get it together. Today, I got to leave work a little early, dinner is already made, and now there is time for a blog entry. So, I decided to link up for this fun linky party. Click above to visit Mrs. Leeby's blog.

What would be the perfect gift from...
1. Students- I love homemade treats that parents or their children helped to make. I especially love trying new things. I got some yummy Greek cookies from one family. One kindergartner made some cut out cookies with her grandma to give me. I am a cookie monster!! Maybe that is why I had to buy new jeans a size bigger!
2. Kiddies- I don't have any of my own. If I did, I would love artwork... especially little handprints!
3. Hubby- A little vacation getaway, a photography class, or a night out at a new restaurant to try.
4. Parents/Family- Anything Anthropologie- my favorite store!!
5. BFF- A girlie get together over some coffee or dinner. Luckily I do get time with my friends. We usually meet up at a restaurant to catch up. My friends who live afar... I would love to rent a cabin up in the mountains and have a ski weekend like we did in the old days. One of my friends recently sent me a homemade quilt... which has not arrived in over a month. I hope it is not lost!!
6. Santa- A new digital camera... which I did get for myself!!
Here is a shot of my class in the middle of watching Olive the Other Reindeer. We have been crafty this week. Tomorrow is our last day before winter break. We will decorate our gingerbread houses and take all our projects home!



  1. The ski weekend sounds like fun...Can I come too?!!
    Owl Things First!

  2. That is the cutest picture ever! Your kids are so lucky to have you!
    Thanks for linking up!

    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

  3. Very cute blog! I love the snowman cans you made! I found your blog through the All I Want for Christmas linky! Newest follower!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue 


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