B2S Book Favorites: Robert Munsch

I go back to work on Monday- for workshops and preplanning. The children will be starting in 2 weeks! I have done a few things to get ready for back to school, but it seems I have a serious issue- a scattered brain!! While working on an alphabet center, I got distracted when I saw Brenda and Ciera's Back to School Book Linky.


I love books! One of my favorite authors is Robert Munsch. Children can relate to and laugh at his stories. During that first week of school, I like to use three of his books. The first one is Moira's Birthday. I found a youtube video! However, I like reading the book better. This story is about Moira who invites Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and Kindergarten to her birthday party! She is quite the problem solver. I love how my kindergarteners react to this book and their facial expressions are priceless!

 I typically use this book during math before making a class graph about our birthdays. I use a classroom door to post the months of the year. Then I give each of my students a die-cut circle. They decorate the circles to look like themselves. We add them to the door with a tag stating their first name and birthdate. We use this birthday graph throughout the school year. Wish I had a picture to show. I couldn't find one easily accessible.

Another story I read for math time is Purple, Green, and Yellow. This story is about a little girl who loves to color with different markers. This story is a great lead in to a class graph about our favorite colors.


In kindergarten, my students color paper crayons and we make a floor graph about our favorite colors. When I taught first grade, I did it a little differently. I had my first graders bring their favorite colored crayon over to the circle. They sat together in a circle with same colors together. I stood in the middle and used masking tape to show the piece of the pie for blues, and then to the next color. I also took a picture and put it into a classbook of graphs. We discussed what we noticed and added that information to the classbook of graphs. So sad, no picture easily accessible for me to post!

Another Robert Munsch book, I enjoy using in kindergarten is We Share Everything. This is a great story about two kindergarten kids who learn to share everything. It is a great lead in to how we share many things in kindergarten, but there are some things we do not share (kisses, lunch, snack...). Robert Munsch has his own website with auditory downloads to go along with his books. I have downloaded many to go along with the books I already have in my classroom library to use at the listening center. Many of his books are also found in ebook format on Tumblebooks.


Using Robert Munsch books helps my kindergarteners love listening to stories for enjoyment. His books easily captures my students' attention during that first week of school. If you have not read any of his books, you should check them out, especially if you love humorous stories. 

If you are still here with me, then click HERE to get a little freebie to go along with these 3 stories. Maybe I will eventually get back to that alphabet center that I keep going back to these past 2 weeks!


Destination Vacation

I love to travel! So this linky hopefully will inspire me to discover some new place to explore. I especially love places that have seasons. Being in Florida, does not give me many opportunities to see a blustery fall day or a snowy winter white one.


It has been a while since I have been to Hendersonville, North Carolina. It is one of my favorite hidden places. My sister and her family lived there for a little while, and I stayed with them two times: once in the winter and once in the summer. Hendersonville has one main downtown street with yummy restaurants and cute shops. One restaurant in particular stood out. I don't remember its name, but the restaurant got their food locally and served seasonal deliciousness. I was surprised at the sushi place, Umi's. It is the only place I have seen soy wrapped sushi. I have been to many sushi restaurants, and this was a new concept to me. Amazing to find it in such a small town! Before my summer visit, I had never liked peaches. They were watery and mealy- yucky in my opinion. I changed my mind once I tried some at the market stands. Deliciousness!! I also discovered heirloom tomatoes. Food there just taste so magnificent! Besides yummies, there are plenty of outdoorsy things to do. My favorite was visiting Hooker Falls, a cute little waterfall swimming area. Last summer, while visiting family in Asheville, I didn't get to make it up to Hendersonville. I really want to see it in the fall and go apple picking!

Soy wrapped sushi

Heirloom tomatoes- yummy!

Hooker Falls

The second place is Washington, D.C. I have been a few times, but usually for a day trip. My hubby and I went in 2013 to see the cherry blossoms, but it was a long winter, and I almost missed it. The trees had not bloomed yet... just blossoms. :0( They have a great zoo there- I loved how the monkeys could go up their towers and travel between the two monkey homes. We walked everywhere, taking the train only to the zoo. So many free places to visit. The last full day, we happened upon 3-4 little cherry blossom trees. So pretty! Made me happy to see them! During our last night, it snowed a bit, and left an inch on the branches.

Hubby's ears were frozen... he had to wear my owl hat!

Monkeys traveling up on top across the zoo! Be careful not to stand under!

A glimpse of cherry blossoms in full bloom!

The third place is my favorite city: Seattle, Washington. I don't have any pictures to share, as they were from a while back. I went in October to see fall, and I loved it! I loved Pike's Market, the great coffee, art museums, Space Needle, etc. It was fun just walking around and discovering the city. I almost moved there because I loved it so much.

On a side note, on my bucket list there are at least 3 places new I would like to visit...
1. Macchu Picchu (better start running again, so I can be in better shape for that hike)
2. Antarctica (on a cruise and take an excursion to walk with the penguins, certainly not for the marathon that is held there!)
3. Africa (go on a safari and say I have visited all the continents!)

What about you? Where have you been that you just love to visit?


All About This Kindergarten Teacher

A new collaboration blog has been popping all over on my Blogger feed- Kinder Tribe. I am super excited to find some new kinder blogs for me to follow! I joined in on their first linky. Click the button below to find out more and join in on the linky fun.


It took me a while to figure out how many years I have taught kindergarten. I have also taught 1st and 2nd grade... looping up with classes and going back. Next year will be my 20th year of teaching and 10th year in kindergarten!

Besides the people who surround me, I cannot live without my flash drive. This may be due to me being somewhat nomadic. I moved classrooms for the first 14 years of my career. Then I stayed 3 years in one kindergarten classroom, and then off to moving again. I am hoping to stay in my current room for the 2nd year. So I keep all my digital files, music, videos, pictures, ideas, etc on my flash drive! This helps keep me sane, rather than hunting for a CD or idea in one of my many boxes that I do not remember where I put or placed.

I love books! I have books all over my classroom. I especially am fond of Pete the Cat books. Love the positive messages in them. What did we do before Pete the Cat was created??

There are so many great blogs out there. One of my favorite blogs is Differentiated Kindergarten. I have learned so much from Marsha McGuire and how to organize my own differentiated centers.

I adore kindergarten. Kindergarteners are naturally curious, brutally honest, and genuine. They make me laugh and keep me in the moment. They keep me young! Well I am off to learn about some other kindergarten teachers.


Monday Made It, Summer 2015!!

Happy belated July 4th! I have been meaning to blog all through June, but my friends and family have kept me distracted... which is a wonderful thing! During my free time, I also managed to create two things... one for a friend and one for me.

One of my teammates has a cute monster theme to her kindergarten classroom. I love it! Her room is a bright and cheerful place to learn in. She has created her own monster lanterns and monster pillows- adorable!! Well, I spotted her Rate Your Understanding chart, and loved how it was backed on black paper and connected with red polka dotted ribbon. In my mind, there was a slight issue, it was a superhero theme versus her cute colorful happy monster theme. So I made her one, using monster graphics. Click on one of the pictures if you would like this freebie too.



Last school year, I really started having issues helping my little ones keep their word sorting activities organized. I had their sorts in a basket with their numbers on clothespins. The clothespins kept breaking apart. So, I thought about it... and remember those teacher tool boxes that everyone made a few years back. I went to Lowe's and bought one. It was in my car trunk for months! I was going to paint it black... but decided to just go with it. I plan to hang it up on my classroom wall. This should help me keep my student word sorts differentiated as well as organized!

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